miércoles, 17 de junio de 2009

neat pictures from old books

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new site with neat old pictures. I have a tendency to just trawl Google Books to find old images, but this site — From Old Books — has a bunch of neat images along with all the citation information and sometimes some nifty stories besides.
“So far as we have been able to discover there are only three collections of books in England now attached to the shelves by chains, namely ‘The Chapter Library in Hereford Cathedral; a library in the vestry of the parish Church of All Saints, in the same city; and the library attached to Wimborne Minster.” At Hereford Cathedral the collection of books consists largely of Monastic works, and extends to 2,000 volumes, of which 1500 are chained. here are five ancient bookcases complete, and portions of two others. [...] Each case is 9 feet 8 inches long, 2 feet 2 inches wide, and about 8 feet high. The material is unplaned oak, very rough; the ends are 2 inches thick, made of three boards, fastened together with strong wooden pegs. [...]” (pp 128, 129)

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