martes, 26 de enero de 2010

The Top 200 Jobs of 2010: 41 - 60 - Librarianship

Looking further down the list, the jobs that rank 41 - 60 are more diverse, ranging from high-paying careers that require advanced degrees (Nuclear Engineer, Physiologist) to entry-level positions (Receptionist, Word Processor). Job seekers looking for a bigger payday should consider Optometrist, School Principal or Nuclear Engineer, as these offer the highest median incomes in the group. That said, of these three only Optometrist also offers a strong hiring outlook, with a projected job growth of 11% through 2016.
Two surprising career choices in this group are Museum Curator and Social Worker, which rank 19th and 20th for overall hiring outlook, with projected job growth of 22% and 23% through 2016, respectively. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Typist/Word Processor has the 5th-worst hiring outlook of all 200 surveyed jobs, with availability expected to shrink by 22% over the next six years. That said, the job ranks within the top 60 because it offers little stress, few physical demands and a pleasant work environment, making it a decent career choice – as long as you can find employment.


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