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Frankfurt SPARKS: Digital initiative brings industries together

In the digital world, content is no longer bound to a particular medium. Creative industries are growing closer together. But how is that reflected in day-to day business? We asked that very question.The digital initiative Frankfurt SPARKS connects publishers with technology providers and creative industries. This viral video shows how quickly this is all happening.
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Two players from the technology sector explain what this networking among industries looks like in practice. We spoke with Brad Inman, CEO of Vook, a company specialised in enhanced e-books. We also spoke with Michael Neidhöfer, CEO of the startup Netbiscuits, which develops software for mobile websites
Is it a book? Is it a video? It’s a vook!
Enhanced e-books are the next big thing. The selection of e-books with audio and video material is still modest, but many publishers are already working meticulously on new formats to enrich texts with videos, photographs or maps. Vook founder Brad Inman is convinced that with enhanced books, publishers will even reach people who are lazy about reading.

Brad Inman, CEO and founder of Vook
Frankfurt Book Fair: Are you already doing business with neighbouring creative industries (including, but not limited to, games, merchandising, photography, video, mobile, etc.)? With which industries are you especially interested in collaborating?

Brad Inman: Vook collaborates with creative content holders of all forms. We have partnered with book publishers to bring their content alive with new video and previously existing footage. Vook has also partnered directly with video content holders and matched videos with new text. The Vook "Shepp's Photographs of the World" brings hundreds of photos to life, and our Vook "Best of Times" lights up a collection of artist Jeff Scher's films and blog entries from The New York Times. 

As for merchandising, one of the unique features of the Vook is the opportunity for direct advertising, sponsorship or cross selling within the title. A title featuring a famous band can have their Vook sponsored by a guitar brand, or a golf instructor's Vook can sell golf lessons or clubs or golf balls directly within his.

What is so exciting about this new form of mixed media is the opportunity to enhance content coming from any creative industry. Moreover, creators will begin to work with this mixed medium in mind. Before content was only a book, or only a video or only a photograph because that was the only singular medium that was available for expression. Now we are offered the chance to blend content and functionality in a whole new way.
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Content to go - Mobile websites for everyone
How can companies make their content mobile? We wanted to find out from Michael Neidhöfer, CEO of Netbiscuits, a cloud software solution for mobile websites and apps. "Mobile Internet will surpass stationary PCs in just a year or two", he predicts. Netbiscuits will also be in attendance at the Frankfurt Book Fair’s Mobile Hot Spot.

Michael Neidhöfer, CEO of Netbiscuits
Frankfurt Book Fair: With which companies from the creative industries are you already doing business?

"Netbiscuits offers a cloud software service for the development, operation and marketing of mobile websites and apps. We provide mobile Internet platforms for leading online and media companies, including eBay, Universal Music, Axel Springer, Spiegel, MTV and RTL. Netbiscuits delivers more than 3.5 billion mobile websites to its customers worldwide each month. As a technology partner for the mobile channel, Netbiscuits is also already closely connected with the creative industries.

That is why we see great growth potential for the mobile Internet in the future. As a web-based cloud software provider, we are fully prepared to meet the growing demand in all industries for sophisticated mobile websites and apps


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