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A Collection of Poems and Personal Accounts of Poverty

We present this collection of writings about poverty in order to promote an understanding of its very real effects on human lives. Our hope is it develop a greater sensitivity to the tragedy, the challenges, and the urgency of poverty.

The works collected here are from writers and poets of many cultures and many eras. Some emphasize the tragedy of poverty in striking the most vulnerable of society. Some describe long-perpetrated social and political injustices as contributors to poverty. Others write that poverty is a noble existence which shows the human potential for strength and spirituality in the face of hardship. Help us add further insights and works to this collection. Send us citations for additional writings at

Many of these pieces of literature were selected and introduced by Charles Burack.
A special thanks goes to Lorna Israel, who was our volunteer editor for the Literature of Poverty from November 1999 until July 2000.

The works included here do not reflect an endorsement or commentary by the World Bank Group of any author or opinion.

Table of Contents
Maria Eugenia Lima, "Marketwoman of Luanda"
Frank Mc Court, "Angela's Ashes"
George Lamming, "In the Castle of My Skin"
Michael Harrington, "The Other America"
Du Fu, Chinese Wisdom on Poverty and Inequality
Miguel Hernandez, "Lullaby of the Onion"
Wislawa Szymborska, "Hunger Camp at Jaslo"
Julia Vinograd, "People Who Slipped thru the Cracks"
Mirabai, "The Wild Woman of the Forests"
Charles Dickens, "Bleak House"
Muhammad Mahdi Mahdi al-Jawahiri, "Lullaby for the Hungry"
Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave
Ryokan, "Three Poems on My Begging Bowl"
David Olsen, "California Condor"
Muhammad al-Maghut, "The Orphan"
Pope Pius X, Apostolic Letter to the Bishops of Italy on Catholic Social Action
Samuel Johnson, James Boswell's "Life of Johnson"
Ernesto Cardenal, "The Peasant Women from Cua"
Thich Nhat Hanh, "Peace Is Every Step"
Charles Baudelaire, "The Ragpickers' Wine"
Jelaluddin Rumi, "Cry out in Your Weakness"
Confucius, The Sayings of Confucius
Gustavo Gutierrez, A Theology of Liberation
Kazi Nazrul Islam, "Poverty"

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